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5th Prize: 6 Rechenpyramiden für PDC

His DPTC_pyramids.otg is a useful template to print out exercise sheets for primary school for teaching addition and multiplication.
It's macro based and Draw is used to draw the lines of the pyramids and to print it out.

This is a bilingual version including german and english texts.
For the translation into other languages, read the instructions in module "Pyramidenmodul".
One of the buttons "Auswahl" or "Selection" may be removed from the document without problems.

Gisbert Friege


Gisbert Friege

Copyright Gisbert Friege


" I confirm that I am the sole author of this template or graphic.
This work is created from my own ideas and materials.
No third party license or materials are included that will affect
licensing under the Public Document License (PDL) or
GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).
Furthermore I confirm that I am entitled to place the submitted
template or graphic under this license."

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